All creatures great and small


Make yourself a cup of tea and settle down for a charming series. You’re in for a treat with the British show All Creatures Great and Small—it premieres tonight on PBS. This is actually a remake and based on the classic book written by Alf Wight. It centers around a veterinary practice in a small farming community filmed in the beautiful rolling hills of Yorkshire, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The characters are so sweet, and there is a bit of romance too. (Not to mention all the cute farm animals.) We already watched the entire season, and I’m so happy S2 is in the works. A feel good show that's like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket, just what we need after the past few days. ❤️


I hope that as my Grandson grows up, All Creatures Great and Small, will be among his favorites, also.

BARBARA A GOOD February 22, 2021

Kyong, beautifully written. The James Herriot’s novels and the series that have been been derived from them have been some of my all time favorites. I expect this series to be every bit as charming as the first. I hope as my Grandson up, they will be among his, also.

Thank you.

Barb Good

BARBARA A GOOD February 22, 2021

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