BULY 1803

One of the best things about traveling is discovering new shops, I'm talking about small businesses that you don't find at home. Buly is always a must stop when we are in Paris. We discovered it seven years ago after having lunch at Cafe de Flore. Tucked away on a quiet street in the St.Germain on first glance it actually looks like a jewelry store.

Upon entering you're greeted with the most intoxicating scents and beautiful green mosaic floor. To shop here is an experience, I lost my mind and spent way too much money on lotions and potions. It's like stepping back into an old world apothecary shop.

Jean-Vincent Bully, a famous perfumer started Buly and the brand and great success for over a century. No one had heard of the brand until Ramdane Touhami took the reins and gave the brand new life.

It's the perfect place to buy gifts for loved ones. Each item is meticulously wrapped and they even have an in house calligrapher to personalize each package. It feels like a work of art and such a special experience. 


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