No party is complete without a cheeseboard. A lot of nights when we entertain it’s either too hot or I’m pressed on time to turn on the oven to make a complete meal. Do as the French do and create a cheeseboard, good sourdough bread and a simple green salad. I know cheeseboards can often get spendy, my go to is Trader Joe’s. It’s affordable and they always have a great selection. 

My favorite things to include in a cheeseboard. 

  •  2-3 types of cheese. A soft and hard. Creamy Brie, goat cheese, Gouda. We love the local brand Beehive.
  • Cured meats, salami
  • Always have a few types of fruit. Grapes are a  must and a few berries. Any fruit that’s in season will add a nice touch.
  • Lately I love adding sliced cucumbers.
  • 2 types of crackers or good sourdough bread.
  • Fig jam or high quality honey.
  • Olives
  • Dark chocolate



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