Seven layer salad

It’s hard to take a good photo of this salad, but all that matters is that it’s delicious. A great salad for any summer bbq. 

Layer on top of each other with


1st Layer Chopped or Romaine Lettuce
2nd layer red onions or chopped shallots
3rd layer chopped celery
4th layer peas ( canned or thawed frozen peas)
5th layer dressing
6th Shredded Parmesan cheese. I just used the a good quality packaged cheese.
7th Cooked Bacon. Hack: if you don't feel like cooking bacon sometimes I get the bacon from the Harmons salad bar. 
1 1/2 cup Mayo
2 teaspoon Dijon
2 teaspoon sugar
1 Tbs lemon juice, or white wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

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