What To Pack

5 Tips on What to Pack
It should be a given when packing that you'll need to pack items that compliment one another. You'll get the most of what you take with you, while saving room for small souvenirs.
       1. The rule of thumb is 3 to 1. 
This is simple. Three tops to one bottom, whether it be a skirt or denim. Dresses are even better because it's one whole outfit and you're done. 
2. Wear your heaviest items on the flight. 
I’ve found its best to wear my heavy items on the plane. In Fall/Winter I wear my wool coat and boots to save room. In the Spring/Summer a trench coat and leather jacket are perfect. 
3. Shoes
Keep it as simple as you can, packing shoes takes up quite a bit of room.  In the Fall/Winter ankle boots + sneakers. Spring/Summer ballet flats + leather slides. All look great with skirts, denim and dresses.
4. Totes and cross body bags
When you're out and about its best to have a medium sized bag with you. That way you can take what you need and carry any smaller items you collect through the day. I like to have a cross body in the Fall/Winter and a basket tote in Spring/Summer. 
5. Packing Cubes 
Packing cubes act like a shrink wrap for your clothes and help keep things compact and tidy. They'll become your best friend when you travel. I have this set from Paravel. 

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