Stone fruit + Burrata

Summer is in full swing and this stone fruit, burrata and basil is a godsend of a summer staple when you're short on time or simply just want something easy but delicious. If you've never had burrata in your life, you are missing out. Most grocers sell it- not all though. My local Trader Joe’s carries it and can be found next to the mozzarella cheese, in a container with liquid. Get on the burrata train today and thank me later! The way the burrata pairs with stone fruit, basil and balsamic is the definition of yum. The sweet, the creamy and salty all collide into one of the most devine dishes you'll have all summer. Bonus: It only takes 10 minutes to prepare. 


• Halve 7-8 Ripe peaches or nectarines. Cut into bite size chunks or slices and arrange on a platter.

• Add room temperature burrata.

• Handful of fresh basil chopped.

• Add salt & pepper to your liking.

• Then drizzle glazed balsamic vinegar over the top.


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